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Esteemed Baionlenja Corporation shareholder,

This magnificent EX.23 BB specimen shows the unique and unorthodox machining solutions of the original manufacturer. Extremely intricate and beautiful machining work has been highlighted by hand polishing and selective patina treatment. 

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  • 7 degree typing angle
  • Classic Baionublet mount
  • OG EX.23 top made in Finland
  • 6063 Bias bottom
  • Stainless steel weight with PVD rainbow color
  • Includes Baionlenja Corporation Neural Biocard
  • Includes Carrycase
  • Included PCB and ANSI alu plate

The finish is delicate, it may scratch easily from screw drivers etc, so accept the inevitable and embrace the scuffs. Let the keyboard tell the story of your adventures and trials. Conversely, it's also easy to modify the finish, so get creative!

Every genetic vault keyboard is unique and hand finished. Keyboard is 100% fully functional but expect scuffs and marks. I may or may not slam your keyboard into the wall at maximum velocity.

Shipping within 4-8 weeks.

No returns based on appearance/flaws are accepted.


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Swiss 7021 Alu

Machined from premium Swiss 7021 aluminium, no expenses were spared when sourcing the raw material for the keyboard.
Heavier and harder than other aluminium grades, 7021 contains copper which enables striking forced patina finishes. However it does not develop patina easily in normal use, as an invisible oxide layer forms in contact with air.

Raw material made sustainably in Switzerland.