Baionlenja FAQ

Design, art and business multimedia project by a Finnish designer Magnus.

Work by Magnus includes designing of products, renderings, music, video, 3D and 2D art. As well as overall brand identity and aesthetic.

Magnus does not like talking in third person. Magnus angry.

Future product lines will include jewelry, fashion, and other aspects of design and luxury items.

Baionlenja is a celebration for the unyielding nature of flesh. Evolution, mutation, metamorphosis.

Mainly I just focus on aspects and things that I find interesting. Such as strange words, how it feels to say rather than think of their meaning.

Since 2019

Bias R2 uses one known as XXY

All group buys after that use one known as DDS

Manufacturing in Finland is being developed and will soon be an option.

Delivered with each keyboard, it includes multimedia files such as music and executable programs.