Bias FAQ

Update 28.4.2023


All orders have been shipped! Group buy has been concluded.

Shipping for the last 1/3 of orders has been delayed to the discovery of a machining mark.

Shipping is now continuing, but keyboards sent will now have a mark. Those affected will be compensated.

The mark is a small line behind the F-Keys. Most of the time it is only visible from certain angles and at certain lighting conditions.

It cannot be felt by hand and it is under the anodisation layer.

In reality it won't be as visible as in these pictures.


Orders shipped after 4.2023. 


Nearly half the total keyboards are marked with a machining line at the f-row. We sent the remaining units without the mark, but 1/3 of orders were left without a flawless unit.

We deeply apologise for the massive delays and problems this has caused you and we are doing everything we can to lessen the impact of the issues.

Thank you so much for your patience and being a true Bias simp.

If you wish to know more, feel free to send us a message via email or discord.

Yes, there are three options: 

130$ store credit
This option will be automatically applied on June 2023. Credit is usable on any in-stock item or GB.

Additionally this store credit is usable on the exclusive DDS Bias replacement part GB. To choose this option, no action is required.



50$ Partial refund
To choose this option, send us an email indicating you want this option before June 2023. The refund will be processed and returned to the original payment method within 14 business days. (this option also lowers the price for import and customs)




Swap unshipped GB Bias for 1:1 DDS Bias

If your GB Bias has not yet shipped, send us an email wanting to convert your order into a DDS Bias. (weight material will no longer be rainbow PVD). This change cannot be reverted and you will have to wait until the DDS Bias GB runs. You can choose the colours and other added items at a later date. This option is not possible for B-stock orders.

Due to us starting to ship the GB Biases out soon, response must unfortunately be quick. Deadline for DDS Bias swap option is 17th of april.

If you received a Bias with a mark or other flaw before this, send us an email and we will make sure you will be compensated as well.

Order cancellations are still available and will be processed within 14 business days.

Bias will be retired and will not return.

Due to a family tragedy we had to take an unexpected break. We have now ugraded to a ticketing based email support system and we urge anyone waiting for an answer to send a new email to

The new system allows us to better process tickets and all new emails will be handled within 2 business days.

Estimated to begin in June or July, all Bias owners including B-stock buyers can join to get new parts or an entirely new keyboard made by DDS, one of the most highly regarded manufacturer.

The price will be lower than normal GB prices and the 130$ store credit is applicable for this GB as well.

There is a wide variety of colours available and any part is available.

More info on this is coming later. Pricing will be released well before June deadline.

Anyone who has bought a Bias from us! Including B-stock orders. You can join by emailing us to swap your unshipped GB Bias


by waiting and joining the GB normally once it is beginning.

Only GB owners can 1:1 swap their unit for this. (weight material will no longer be rainbow PVD)

However those that purchase B-stock Bias are still eligible to join.

Yes!  Keep an eye out on the store and server for best chance to obtain.

Here is an example of the full colour range

Not absolutely everything will be included, but at least 80% of them will be available.

Weight materials will be sandblasted aluminium steel, brass and copper.


Yes, it will be posted in the Discord server as well as emailed to everyone eligible to join! Remember that only Bias owners who bought it from our store can join.


Send an email to

We recently upgraded to a new email system and you might need to send a new email if we haven't answered your previous one yet.


That email and the form within can be now considered void as the issue ended up affecting all colours.