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  • Bias (+B Stock)

Bias (+B Stock)

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100% functional with only minor imperfections

No exchanges or returns regarding imperfections.

Pictures of possible imperfections

Shipping in 2-7 days

  • Winkeyless only
  • Fixed ANSI with optional stepped caps lock
  • Custom silicone gasket mount
  • 17.5mm front height
  • 7 degree typing angle
  • "Seamless" HHK+B Sides
  • M3 Hex screws flush to the surface
  • All this and the mounting system fits inside the classic bezels without dodgy thin walls
  • Very grabbable sides
  • Recessed USB-C port angled to the table


  • Bias Keyboard
  • Stainless steel multicolor weight ( The pattern is random due to the coating process)
  • Custom PCB by Yiancar (case is also h87 compatible)
  • Aluminium plate
  • Two sets of custom grommets at different softnesses
  • 2 x Custom molded poron PCB film
  • Carrying case with custom molded interior
  • Hardware and stickers
  • Does not include keycaps or switches