• Bias G "Dark forest"
  • Bias G "Dark forest"
  • Bias G "Dark forest"

Bias G "Dark forest"

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Genelec pine green top, Anodised black bottom

Acid pattern 2 weight


Shipping in August due to vacation

May contain small cosmetic flaws due to anodised parts being leftovers from the Bias V2 group buy.

Items with major flaws are specifically named as B-stock and contain pictures of the major flaws.


Two tone Bias V2 with Genelec powdercoat and anodised aluminium

Attention: Fitment is snug due to tight tolerances, which means disassembly likely requires additional pressure.

Powdercoat colours match Genelec speakers.

Coated in Finland, machined in China.

  • Winkeyless only
  • Fixed ANSI with optional stepped caps lock
  • Custom silicone gasket mount
  • 17.5mm front height
  • 7 degree typing angle
  • "Seamless" HHK+B Sides
  • M3 Hex screws flush to the surface
  • All this and the mounting system fits inside the classic bezels without dodgy thin walls
  • Very grabbable sides
  • Recessed USB-C port angled to the table


  • Bias Keyboard
  • Stainless steel acid pattern weight
  • Custom PCB by Yiancar (case is also h87 compatible)
  • Aluminium plate
  • Two sets of custom grommets at different softnesses
  • Custom molded poron PCB film
  • Carrying case with custom molded interior
  • Hardware and stickers
  • Does not include keycaps or switches