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First ever Baionlenja keyboards with Made in Finland components.

Top has been machined from Swiss 7021 Aluminium, providing additional mass and hardness. Coated with sparkle grey powdercoat. Top is also top mount compatible, and plate files for the top mount plate will be released soon. 
The plate included with the keyboard only supports Baion nublet mount.

The legendary Tone Line TECHNOLOGY

The crown jewel of the Genetic Vault: These preliminary test units have what the experts* refer to as "Tone Lines". The highly sought after "Tone Lines" vastly improve detail and tonal balance as well as warmth and clarity. Some naysayers have theorized that we simply misjudged the thickness of the powdercoat and ended up with a visible machine mark at the side, but that is utter nonsense.



*Matti-Juhanin Savumuikku ja Bitumilevy OY

Case top:

  • EX.23
  • Made in Finland
  • Swiss 7021 Aluminium
  • Sparkle Grey Powdercoat
  • No top engraving
  • Compatible with Bias R2

Case Bottom:

  • Bias R2 Bottom
  • Made in china, coated in finland
  • 6063 Aluminium
  • Sparkle Grey Powdercoat
  • Acid pattern STS weight

Every genetic vault keyboard is unique and was made as an experiment. Keyboard is 100% fully functional but expect scuffs and marks.

No returns based on appearance/flaws are accepted.

 Shipping in 1-5 days.

Layout: ANSI WKL


  • EX.23-BB
  • Carrying case (may be a little scuffed as they're b-stock units from the R2 Bias GB)
  • PCB
  • Aluminium Plate
  • Stickers
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Bias Genetic Disc
  • PCB Film
  • 30a baion nublets
  • 50a baion nublets

Does not include keycaps or switches.




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Swiss 7021 Alu

Machined from premium Swiss 7021 aluminium, no expenses were spared when sourcing the raw material for the keyboard.
Heavier and harder than other aluminium grades, 7021 contains copper which enables striking forced patina finishes. However it does not develop patina easily in normal use, as an invisible oxide layer forms in contact with air.

Raw material made sustainably in Switzerland.