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EX.23 - Burnished

EX.23 - Burnished

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Industrial burnished finish with patina "infilled" gaps and crevices. Easy to maintain and even repair with scotchbrite.


Made to order finishes!

Ships in 3-4 weeks

Hand finished by Baion. Made in Finland.

This version is top mount compatible, top mount plate file can be found in the Discord soon.

Peel away your flesh and join us in the ecstasy of evolution.

The new carbon steel slab weight has a carved spiral finish, matching the inside of the case. It is fixed in place using 2 large M5 screws, in an homage to the OG kustoms. This also serves to hide the daughterboard and 2 case screws. This final version of EX.23 has support for top mount. Top mount support is only possible with this version of EX.23.

The Baionwave 2, spiraling inside the keyboard provides a sound profile* that is blissful, yet onerous or even sonder.


 Buy this now, or you will regret it.

17 units available

 *proof of Baionwave doing anything is inconclusive

    Every genetic vault keyboard is unique and hand finished. Keyboard is 100% fully functional but expect scuffs and marks.

    No returns based on appearance/flaws are accepted.

     Shipping in 1-5 days.

    Layout: ANSI WKL


    • EX.23
    • PCB
    • Aluminium Plate
    • Stickers
    • Certificate of authenticity
    • Bias Genetic Disc
    • PCB Film
    • 30a baion nublets
    • 50a baion nublets

    Does not include keycaps or switches.




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    Swiss 7021 Alu

    Machined from premium Swiss 7021 aluminium, no expenses were spared when sourcing the raw material for the keyboard.
    Heavier and harder than other aluminium grades, 7021 contains copper which enables striking forced patina finishes. However it does not develop patina easily in normal use, as an invisible oxide layer forms in contact with air.

    Raw material made sustainably in Switzerland.